7xGospel Festival

My “first” gospel workshops.


This time, exceptionally, it will not be an entry dedicated to concerts. It will not be a strictly percussive subject, although this topic will be very important here as well. I have been interested in gospel music for about 18 years, which I performed first as a member of the Przemysl Gospel Choir and now as a percussionist of based in Krakow Mistral Gospel Choir. It was one of those things that influenced my development as a man and musician. I have participated in gospel workshops in Przemyśl or Osiek many times but somehow I’ve never managed to do it before in Kraków.

And so this year I was invited to lead in the Negro Spirituals workshops as part of the 7xGospel Festival, the oldest and largest event of this type in Poland. Together with Łukasz Kubica, who is associated with Krakow Gospel Choir, we were preparing with the participants of the workshops songs that, apart from the vocal part, contained accompaniment on percussion instruments. The summary was the performance of the prepared songs during the Gospel Talk. I am extremely proud of the students and grateful to the organizers for the invitation. I hope that this is just the beginning of our cooperation!


More photos!